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How are you Creating Positive Impact?

Whether you are interested in becoming a B Corp certified company or not, every company needs to understand how it can make a positive impact on society and the planet.

Creating a positive social and environmental impact beyond your companies' operational impact is what B Lab calls an impact business model ("IBM"). An IBM is the way in which a business is designed to create a specific positive benefit/outcome for one of its stakeholders. It may be based on its product, a particular process or activity, or the structure of the business.

A true IBM adheres to seven underlying principles or requirements. An IBM needs to be:

  1. Specific: benefit a specific stakeholder group with a specific outcome

  2. Material: the benefit needs to be significant

  3. Verifiable: the IBM is documentable and can be verified

  4. Lasting: built into the nature of the business itself

  5. Extraordinary: something traditional businesses do not have

Learn how you can further solidify or start building your IBM today! For more on IBMs, click here.


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