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Image by Remke van Zadelhoff 


Driven by her passion to help businesses recognize, initiate and scale their power to do good, Remke founded Good Clout Consulting in 2019.



Good Clout Consulting empowers businesses to increase their ‘good clout’, i.e. their power to make a positive social and environmental impact, by providing sustainability consulting services that support a world in which all can thrive.


A world in which all businesses exert their good clout to the best of their ability at all times.


The infinity sign within the logo speaks to the limitless good a small act can trigger. It also symbolizes the opportunity of circularity and regeneration; the interconnectedness of natural systems; and the process of continuous improvement inherent in sustainability practices.

Remke van Zadelhoff

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Remke has a background in finance, strategy, and sustainable development in both corporate and non-profit settings. 


After completing a management training program in corporate banking in 2003, she started her career in investment banking in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and then joined LexisNexis in Washington, DC, where she focused on strategy and competitive intelligence.


Remke started working in sustainable development in 2008. First as an Operations Director for a social enterprise start-up in Fair Trade chocolate and then as a Consultant at the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC), where she worked on a range of environmental and social sustainability projects at IFC’s Sustainable Business Advisory unit. 

In recent years, while obtaining her master’s degree in Sustainability & Environmental Management, Remke consulted for several Boston-based companies and served on a number of Boards. She has been one of the driving forces in bringing sustainability to the forefront in her community.


Remke holds an MA in Business Economics (University of Amsterdam, 2002) and an MA in Sustainability (Harvard, 2018). She obtained the GRI Standards Exam Certificate (2020) and participated in expert panels for Net Impact (2018) and Sustainable Finance at Babson (2018-2020). She served on the Board of Land’s Sake Farm (2017-2023), is co-founder of the Sustainable Weston Action Group (SWAG) and is a Lecturer at Boston University's Questrom School of Business (2021-current).


In her spare time, Remke enjoys photography, cooking and going on adventures with her husband and three daughters.

CLOUT noun [U]

/ 'klaut /

'Influence or power, especially in business or politics, to impact people or events.'

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