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Deloitte 2022 C-Suite Sustainability Report Reveals a Value-Action Gap

A recent survey of 2,000+ C-Suite Executives by Deloitte reveals that while executives are concerned about climate change, they struggle to embed sustainability into their core business strategy, operations and culture.

97% of all companies included in the survey feel the impact of climate change: supply chains and operations have suffered disruptions, climate anxiety among employees is on the rise and regulatory uncertainty adds additional business risk.

Additionally, the pressure for executives to step up and take climate action comes from all stakeholders: employees, civil society, shareholders, regulators, banks and consumers.

So, companies know climate action is needed and urgent. Yet, one third of all companies included in the survey has not taken actions that would lead to transformative change.

The main obstacles cited that prevent more substantial efforts are:

1) Lack of a measuring impacts

2) Costs

3) Short-term priorities

4) Availability of more sustainable inputs

5) Required change is too big to take on.

Graphic by Deloitte


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