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Carbon Offsets: Greenwashing or Good Business Practice?

Recently, there has been a lot of debate around carbon offsets. Many companies use carbon offsets to 'offset' or 'neutralize' their carbon emissions. In which case though is this the right course of action and which carbon credits are actually credible? Should we even use carbon credits or should we rather capture and store any hard to abate carbon instead?

English comedian and television host, John Oliver who spurred the current debate, points out all the flaws of and issues with carbon credits. On the other hand though, we may just need all the tools we have, perfect or not, that help us to take carbon out of the air. Plus, if there were no carbon credits, critical projects may not receive the required financing they need to take off and, worse, cause more carbon to be released in the atmosphere.

In this article, FastCompany's Adele Peters shares the various view points, considerations and ongoing improvements with regards to carbon credits. Showing us that an answer to the headline question is not as simple as we may want it to be.

Blog picture by Remke van Zadelhoff

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