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B Corp in 2021: a Year of Record Growth

While the number of B Corp certified companies has surpassed 5,000 by now, in 2021, the B Corp community grew to 4,300 businesses in 77 countries. Around the globe, 6,000 applications were submitted and 50,000 new companies registered on the B Impact Assessment, an increase of 84% since the beginning of 2020.

Certified B Corps are for profit businesses that meet the high levels of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. They seek more than turning a profit for their shareholders; they use their business as a 'force for good' and seek to positively impact all stakeholders including the environment.

Certified or not, nearly 200K businesses are now using the B Lab's impact measurement and management tools. And for a good reason: The B Impact Assessment is a thorough and practical tool to help companies measure, monitor and improve their impact on all stakeholders they affect in the course of doing business.

Graphic by B Lab


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